About society

Czech Society for Landscape Ecology IALE-CZ is a professional society, member of the Council of Scientific Societies ASCR), bringing together scientific, professional and teaching staff, students and amateur those who deal with the landscape ecology. The mission of IALE-CZ is to contribute to the development of the field of landscape ecology in the Czech Republic and mediating communication between interested professionals, researchers, educators, managers, regional planners and landscape of the decision-making sphere, and other professionals and amateurs interested not only at the national level. At the same time the company participates in of educational and research activities, programs, projects and organization of various professional meetings. The company cooperates with governmental institutions, universities and the Academy of Sciences, with professional societies and voluntary associations. It is entitled to comment on the conceptual and special materials in landscape ecology and editorial policy in the field.

IALE-CZ is a regional organization of the International Association for Landscape Ecology, whose mission is to support the development of landscape ecology as a scientific base for research, analysis, planning and management landscapes in the world, together with the promotion of international cooperation and cross-disciplinary synergism through scientific, professional, educational and communication activities.

IALE-CZ annually organizes regular conferences, field practice and seminars on current topics (see calendar), and publishes Proceedings of these actions. The company also publishes 2-4 newsletters for members – Bulletin E-IALE that brings reports on domestic and international activities, and reviews and annotations of new publications.

Since 2007, IALE-CZ publishes fully peer-reviewed scientific journal, the Journal of Landscape Ecology of the International Editorial Board, focusing on actual problems of Landscape Ecology, especially Central Europe.


ChairmanRNDr. Dušan Romportl, Ph.D.dusan.romportl[at]natur.cuni.cz
Vice-chairmanMgr. Hana Skokanová, Ph.D. skokanova[at]vukoz.cz
TreasurerIng. Michal Friedl, Ph.D.michal.friedl[at]mendelu.cz
SecretaryRNDr. Tomáš Janík, Ph.D. janikt[at]vukoz.cz
MembersRNDr. Tomáš Chuman, Ph.D.chumant[at]natur.cuni.cz
Prof. PhDr. Miloslav Lapka, CSc.

Associate Professor RNDr. Tomáš Václavík, Ph.D.tomas.vaclavik[at]upol.cz