IALE-CZ organizes several conferences each year. Traditionally, it is a conference on Venkovská krajina (Rural Landscape) held in Hostětín in the White Carpathians in May, as well as the seminar of ÚSES – the Green Backbone of the Landscape (in September in Brno) and the Annual Conference, which takes place in winter at some of the universities in Prague, Brno and Olomouc.

Journal of Landscape Ecology is a fully reviewed scientific journal published by Czech National Chapter of the Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE-CZ). Our international editorial board has ambition to fill up a gap in the ecological field scope covered by the European scientific journals and mainly those among them which are produced in the Czech Republic. Subjects of papers are not limited teritorially, however, emphasis is given to the Middle-European landscape-ecological themes. The journal is not preferentially theoretical or applied, it is prepared to serve as a bridge between both levels of knowledge. The effort will be developed to increase gradually its quality level and to reach for acceptation by databases of scientific journals with IF. The first issue of JLE was published in 2008. Recently, three issues of JLE are published per year.

The journal is available in print version (ISSN 1803-2427) and on-line (ISSN 1805-4196) published by De Gruyter Open.

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