Instructions for Authors

Please submit your manuscripts to Journal of Landscape Ecology via Editorial Manager and see Guide for Authors.

Editorial Policy

Journal of Landcape Ecology is an international scientific journal focusing on landscape ecology. It publishes theoretical and empirical articles, considering spatial and temporal heterogeneity in natural and cultural land. The journal supports integration of knowledge from geo-, bio- and sociosciences at the ecosystem and landscape level. Expertise from the spheres of landuse planning and design, habitat and landscape typology, ecosystem management and biodiversity protection, spatial pattern in various area scales and rules of ecological processes are promoted. Publishing in Journal of landscape ecology is open for experts from universities, research institutes and other scientific institutions regardless of their nationality, ethnicity or religion. The Journal publishes individual articles, mono-thematic issues, conference papers, articles based on theses or research reports. Only technical criteria as quality, language level and technical competence are decisive for accepting or rejection of the article. The Executive Board of the Journal decides on the base of at least two independent reviews. The review process is confidential.